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Our Commitment is to provide VALUE for your ATM Location. We take GREAT PRIDE in servicing our customers 24/7. Our Number ONE Goal is Customer Service & Satisfaction. We wish to serve our customers for Life.

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About Our ATM Placement Program

Full Service


  • We install the ATM machine at your establishment for FREE.
  • We replenish the cash used in the ATM for FREE.
  • We repair and maintain the ATM for FREE.
  • We monitor the transactions of the ATM for FREE.
  • We handle any and all customer related issues with the ATM machine for FREE.

ATM Machine Benefits


  • ATM Machine provided & installed at no cost. 
  •  Competitive revenue sharing agreement. 
  • ATM cash servicing.  
  • ATM software & hardware servicing.
  • Software to view terminal data in real time.

Adding Value


  • ATM machines drive additional traffic. 
  • ATM transactions are impulse decisions by the customer.
  •  ATM customers spend 20-25% more than non-ATM customers.
  • Independent studies show cash retention rates of 30-33% for large retailers,  35-40% for convenience stores and 70-80% retention for night clubs. 
  • Having an ATM Machine On-Site will Lower Overall Credit Card and Merchant Processing Service Fees. 
  • YOU DO NOTHING! All you have to do is cash your monthly check! 

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